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If you are coming to Udaipur, you don’t have to worry about Food. Bawarchi Restaurant’s Thali is very Famous Thali in Udaipur. Our Thali includes many varieties of food. We keep changing our Sabji and try to keep flavors in Sabji. Many people come from Gujarat; so many people are fond of Sweetened Dal and Kadhi. We offer them as per their request.
If you are looking for peaceful place with good ambiance in Udaipur, then prefer for Bawarchi Restaurant. Bawarchi Restaurant is marked as one of the Best Restaurants in Udaipur and we have topped the ranking in Veg Restaurants of Udaipur. Udaipur is well known for its beauty and we are well known for our food taste. Restaurant is not only known for the taste and food but also for accommodation of tables and lighting.

Restaurants in Udaipur Multi Cuisne - Bawarchi Restaurant

“Enjoy Food At Best Restaurant”

Bawarchi Restaurant is remarkably best restaurant for quick meal anytime with family and friends. We are a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Fine Dining, and Pure Veg Restaurant. At Bawarchi Restaurant people forget about the stress and enjoy dinner fully to their heart. Our vegetables are prepared with special care. In fact, many tourists have given our Bawarchi Restaurant reference to friends and family who are visiting Udaipur. This shows how well they have got service and food from our restaurant.

Our all customers are equally valuable to us. Our vegetables, Raita, Pulaav, Biryani and many more items are praised. We are doing business but we always follow business principles. We serve every customer equally and we always serve best dish item or Thali. In addition to Indian Food, we also serve multi-cuisine food which starts from Mexican Soup to Chinese Chowmein.

Bawarchi Restaurant Udaipur
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