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Udaipur is a tourist city. Many restaurants think that tourist will come and go and not take care of food quality. Millions of restaurant is available in town that promises to provide best service and food to the customer. But our purpose is different. We prepare food and give best service to see our customer with face of satisfaction from our food. Likewise we also promise to give best service and food, but we have proof for our reliability. We are one of the reliable restaurants in Udaipur and we are sure about it as we have got so many positive reviews from people of Udaipur as well as People that come to visit Udaipur (Tourist People). Bawarchi Restaurant has been given best remarks from these bloggers and thus we are counted as reliable restaurant. Our Thali system is greatly encouraged by all sorts of people. Our Thali has become more popular from other restaurant’s thali, due to taste of every item. They have tasted our food and remarked it as the best food of the Udaipur.

Vegetarians mostly prefer to enter in a veg restaurant for snacks, dinner, lunch etc. Bawarchi Restaurant is 100% Pure Veg Restaurant. Keeping in mind the reputation of our Smart City Udaipur, we have taken care of our food Quality and we promise to give our customers 100% food satisfaction.

Best Restaurant in Udaipur Main Market - Bawarchi Restaurant

“Enjoy Food At Best Restaurant”

Our thali consist regular seasonal vegetable with Chapati and we also offer Dal, Bati which is our regional dish. With this thali also include 1 sweet dish. Our Parcel is designed in very good way, so no food leakage problem is faced by our customer and they can enjoy our food with delight.

Our customers are really very happy with our service. Local residing people do give us regular visits at our Restaurant and are addicted to our food taste. Even Tourist people coming to Udaipur give best feedback about our food. We are doing business but we always follow business principles. We serve every customer equally and we always serve best dish item or Thali. Our all customers are equally valuable to us. Our vegetables, Raita, Pulaav, Biryani and many more items are praised.

Bawarchi Restaurant Udaipur
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