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We serve pure veg food and people can enjoy without worrying about non-veg things in their dishes. Our staff is well maintained. We have our own uniform and we use gloves while serving and preparing food. We have got best clean kitchen in Udaipur. We take care of the customers as they have found our restaurant better in quality then other restaurant of Udaipur. We are a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Fine Dining, and Pure Veg Restaurant.

Udaipur is a tourist city. Many restaurants think that tourist will come and go and not take care of food quality. Our Thali has become more popular from other restaurant’s thali, due to taste of every item. They have tasted our food and remarked it as the best food of the Udaipur. At Bawarchi Restaurant people forget about the stress and enjoy dinner fully to their heart.

Bawarchi Restaurant has been recognized as one of the prominent restaurant in Udaipur who serves food that is not heavy on the pocket and has great menu and thali system with good ambience. Vegetarians mostly prefer to enter in a veg restaurant for snacks, dinner, lunch etc. Bawarchi Restaurant is 100% Pure Veg Restaurant. Music, Lighting and Table Layouts create a natural atmosphere that is soothing to the people.

Best Restaurant in Udaipur for Dinner - Bawarchi Restaurant

“Enjoy Food At Best Restaurant”

Restaurant is not only known for the taste and food but also for accommodation of tables and lighting. Lights create wonders, some people believe that light should be dim while some prefer to be clear as day. But science has proved that light color and brightness should be chose in such a way that people of any age feels comfortable.

So if you are in Udaipur and want the best food, then visit Bawarchi Restaurant. You will definitely not regret your choice. We serve food that will make a long lasting impression and would like to come again and again for exploring more dishes.

Bawarchi Restaurant Udaipur
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